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The right focus isn't quantity versus quality. Quality is assumed.

The right focus is on quantity versus consistency.

Churning out a dozen top-notch articles in one week won't do you much good if you vanish immediately thereafter and let your blog wither from neglect for the next six weeks. Your audience will be better served (and your growth goals will be better served) if you churn out two posts per week, consistently, instead.

You and your audience are better served when you show up on Twitter for five minutes, consistently, every single day, than when you show up for three hours once every couple of weeks.

You are better served by selecting one Most Valuable Task (and completing it) each day than to select a vision board-full of flashy goals that you actively pursue only every once in a while.

It's true that quantity and consistency are viable co-existers. One does not preclude the other. However, we tend to lose focus on consistency in favor of quantity, because somehow quantity always seems sexier. This results in setting audience expectations we can' t meet, trying to pursue more goals or projects than we have time and attention for, and ultimately, entrepreneurial burnout.

So if you're able to nurture both consistency and quantity, go forth and prosper wildly. But if it's a choice between pursuing consistency or quantity, choose consistency.


How do you stay on track with consistent action? What signs have you learned to spot that tell you you're focusing too heavily on quantity and are risking a burnout?