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Cheesecake Is Such A Scam

Cheesecake Is Such A Scam

My brother Charles makes ridiculously good cheesecakes. People who don't even like cheesecake, flip out over how good his cheesecakes are. He makes one in particular — this decadent, rich, sends-your-taste-buds-on-a-psychadelic-trip Ghiradelli chocolate paradise...

Are You Doing Or Are You Only Knowing?

Buying an information product is not the same as implementing. Owning information products does not take the place of implementing their instructions. There is the Knowledge, and there is the Doing. Success requires both. It is possible to get the knowledge through...

WoW no. 3: It’s okay to be obvious

“People tell me this is obvious. But it’s ok to be obvious. Knowing and doing are different. Many people know many obvious things they completely fail to do, despite their knowledge.” —Scott Berkun Credit for this week's WoW (Words of Wisdom) goes to...

WoW no. 1: Ideas vs. Execution

“Ideas are cheap and easily replicated these days; it’s the execution that really counts.” —Alexis Maybank & Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, co-founders of Gilt Groupe P.S. In case you're wondering, WoW = Words of Wisdom 🙂