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Ops Architecture

Expert Guidance to Successful Implementation of Your Ops Audit Roadmap
Ops Architecture

One you've got your roadmap, you're ready for the journey — but you're likely to want some expert guidance to make that journey as effective, efficient, and impactful as possible.

That's the role of Ops Architecture.

With Ops Architecture consulting, you'll get more of the right actions accomplished, toward the goals that have the most impact on your desired outcome, while saving yourself from trial-and-erroring your way through the process.

Your Ops Architecture Package Includes:

Twice-per-Month 60-minute Advice & Consultation Calls.

The most powerful resource I can offer for helping you proceed is my guidance, advice, suggestions, and service as a sounding board.

So twice each month we'll meet up (on the phone) to discuss where you're at, what's come up, and how best to keep taking the right actions on the right things to stay headed in the right direction.

Some calls may focus heavily on very pragmatic concerns, like helping you troubleshoot why attempts to delegate and automate a particular process just are not working, and suggesting possible alternatives. Other calls might focus primarily on something that feels esoteric — like some weird resistance that keeps popping up every times you start working on this specific action item.

Giving space to resolve ALL shades of these matters is what makes the difference between decent systems that never really stick, and business architecture that really freakin' works.

That's why calls aren't limited to either/or.

We handle what needs handling, when it needs handled.

Unlimited Between-Call Questions.

You'll receive access to a private space (a channel in Slack). This is where we can stay in touch with each other between calls as needed.

Got a question about an action step, a process-in-progress, some software you're looking at that you wonder if I've ever used? Send me a message in Slack, and we'll get it covered.

Done-For-You Process and System Documentation.

As processes and systems begin taking shape, it will be necessary to start documenting them. This can feel really overwhelming.

To help combat that feeling overwhelm and prevent it from turning into a roadblock, while we're working together, you'll receive Done For You documentation alongside our work.

You'll get a jumpstart on your new or revised business Ops Manual, as I provide Done-For-You documentation of the processes, systems, and other company/brand-pertinent assets (e.g., Guiding Questions, Off-Site Preferred Dress Code, etc.) that we work on together.

All the documentation I work on will be provided in Evernote, which is free, easily organized, and easily shared with additional users as needed.

What I Expect From You

Payment for Services

In exchange for helping you architect the structure and systems for a more streamlined, stable, and scalable business, my fee is $4,500 for each 3-month package.

You Must Act.

I also expect you to take action.

(This is not typically an issue with my clients! Instead, it's typically a matter of taking effective actions and actions that support desired results.)

I clarify this point, though, because THIS IS NOT a “Done For You, Without You” service where you hire me and then walk away for a few months, and return to a systematized, organized, perfectly architected business.

The reason is that any architecture I (or anyone else) built “for you, without you” would not work long-term for you.

Why? Because it lacked YOU in its foundation.

There are general rules of thumb and best practices that I use when I advise clients, but the bottom line must always be: Will this work well for this client in this business at this time?

And the only way to craft a business's architecture that's going to fit that criteria is to do so by working with you.

Done any other way would be asking you to wear someone else's shoe. You could do it for a little while… but pretty soon, you're going to get a sore foot. I want your feet happy and well-supported, darn it! 😉

Why We Work in 3-Month Packages

We work together in packages of 3 months each.

And as you’ve probably picked up, there’s a reason behind how things around here are set up. This is no different!

So what’s with the 3-months?

Realistic timeline for real action and change to occur

Trying to accomplish too many actions on too many separate goals is a common business owner mistake, and it usually results in more gaps in systems, increased instability, and even worse Business Owner Burnout when things inevitably start falling through the cracks.

You won't repeat that same old pattern, because Ops Architecture intentionally takes a different approach.

We work in blocks of three months, so that we're consistently working with a realistic timeline in which to take action, make some progress, and start seeing some changes.

Pre-established points of review and assessment

Working in three-month packages also provides you with a pre-set point for reviewing and assessing your progress, where you're at, and what actions and priorities are ahead.

After three months, you may decide to continue our work together, valuing my continued guidance, advice and insight as you continue the architecture process in your business.

Or you may determine that you prefer proceeding independently, implementing further action steps yourself and following the documentation patterns I've created on your own.

Either way, I believe having a pre-determined place in our work together when you'll be able to consciously assess and make that decision is valuable.

How to Get Started

To proceed with Ops Architecture, reserve your place in my calendar by making your payment using the button below. Further instructions will be sent by email after your payment is received.