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I don't really have any urge to dominate the world.

Domination's great, as long as you're the dominator. But in order to dominate, there has to be someone being dominated. There is no dominator without a corresponding subordinate. Me Conqueror, You Subject. That isn't how I approach my business or my life. Domination is an “I win, you lose, I command, you obey” proposition. It's counter to my core values. I don't want to feed an ethos of power struggle, scarcity or battling.

Not even metaphorically. Words matter.

I'm also not particularly interested in crushing anything. Or killing it. Or destroying, pummeling, punishing or beating. I don't feel the need to bring violence upon something, even metaphorically, in order to have a good day, be productive or be successful.

★ Here's what I am interested in: Conversing. Engaging. Exploring & being really curious. Practicing. Expanding. Enhancing. Liberating. Awakening. Supporting. Adapting. Discovering. Understanding. Collaboration. Completion (begetting new beginning, begetting new completion…). Creation. Realization. Stretching. Making strides. Covering ground. Adventuring. Noticing. Acting, taking stock, realigning & acting again. Journeying. And being okay with not being the emperor.

And drinking tea.

Perhaps that's my ethos: Less domination, more tea.

I'll sip to that.

&#9733 Pull up a chair, help yourself to a cup of tea & tell me: What are you interested in?

Image Credit: Luz Bratcher | CC License