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Danielle LaPorteDanielle LaPorte is the spark of brilliance behind her eponymous website, a haven of “kick-ass spirituality,” creative mojo, frank discussions about the creative life and process, and juicy inspiration. I've known of (and utterly adored) Danielle ever since she chatted with me on the phone for over an hour one snowy January day a couple years ago, and helped me uncover my Style Statement (I'm Cherished Contemporary; Danielle is Sacred Dramatic). Whether she's riffing on social media or creativity, discussing social responsibility or branding, or just sharing truisms in her distinctive script, Danielle is always gutsy and candid, witty and true.

Danielle has worked with more than 460 entrepreneurs in her 1-on-1 Fire Starter consults, from CEOs to coaches, artists to retailers. So, suffice to say Danielle knows her way around combining passion with pragmatism, and can work some incendiary magic on everything from the most infant idea to well-established grooves in need of new oomph.

In the midst of her usual creative endeavors, Danielle took a few moments to answer some of my burning questions for her. I'm delighted to share her interview!

Q 1. Under what circumstances would you rather be right than happy?

This could possibly be one of the best questions I've ever been asked. I like to be right, so let's get that ego-centricity out of the way.

Q 2. Tell me about the last time you felt tongue-tied (or, in these days of digital connections, “type-tied”). What was it you were trying to say & what was it that tripped you up?

Seriously, never. Not that I can remember, at least. That's why I'm born to do what I do (which is, incessantly communicate.)

Q 3. I find your phrase “Creative Sovereignty” positively delectable. What does creative sovereignty look like–and feel like–to you?

Yes. Most delicious words. I lifted them from Hugh McLeod's Ignore Everybody, and it captures everything I've craved and striven for for…ever. It means that my sole/soul commitment is to free and honour my voice and vision – and to do that because it feels good, and because, when I polish it up and it seems to be actually useful to a good number of people.

It's about artistry, not consensus.

Q 4. I also dig your superhero name, Agent Now. What wily foe does Agent Now most often battle, and what is that foe's kryptonite?

Agent Now kicks some serious ass when it comes to being stuck in the past. She eats possibility for breakfast, with heaping spoonfuls of pragmatism. Worry warts and nervous nellies don't stand a chance next to Agent Now. She just loves them up and pretty soon everyone is feeling pretty capable and optimistic.

Q 5. Beginnings and launches often coincide with endings or departures, or as you described, when something's dying to be born, something else is dying to let it be born. As you prepare to send the Fire Starter Sessions out into the world, what are you reciting a loving eulogy to (or perhaps vehemently kicking to the curb)?

Could these questions be any better?

I really feel like The Fire Starter Sessions needs to be born because: I'm sharing the same wisdom and strategies repeatedly with my 1-on-1 clients, which means, I'm tapping into a bigger need of the collective.

I “need” to get this material out because, there are two more books (at least) in me that are pacing at the gate. There's a creative sequencing that's a burnin'. The Fire Starter Sessions is the surface of what I've got: business. And then I'm going into creativity. And then it's all about desire. And then, Broadway, baby! (The Broadway part is a joke. Kinda.)

Q 6. Who most needs the Fire Starter Sessions?

Anybody with the entrepreneurial spirit who wants to make things happen. Creative things. Things that make money. Real things that make you and other people better.

Q 7. What about your Now are you savoring?

That I know myself. That my kid is gentle and hilarious. That I'm going to launch this product to the max, with a full heart and enough of a sense of wonder that I'm both nervous and excited. That the tulips are out.

Where To Get More White Hot Truth

In addition to her website, you can connect with Danielle on Twitter (she's @DanielleLaPorte) and on Facebook.

The Fire Starter Sessions is available on Amazon & is fantastic.