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It's so easy to lose The Now.

What happened yesterday leaves us feeling behind, so we spend time catching up to a goal we project into tomorrow.

Or we congratulate ourselves over yesterday's progress until we forget that today even matters.

We fret over tomorrow. About what will be expected from us, about how we might help someone or miss a chance to help someone. About whether we'll have the income we want. About our long-term goals.

We get wrapped up over time, today. How much time we have until our next call or appointment. How much longer until we can take a break. How much time we lost while zoning out on Facebook. How little time we have left today before today becomes tomorrow and the time we spent today turns into the stresses of our yesterday.

We're seeking, we're busy, we're working, we're keeping up, we're juggling, we're chipping away slivers of our day to squeeze in a moment of mindfulness so we can get back to the real world… whatever we take that to mean.

But what about Now?

Change happens in the nows of today.
Charlie Gilkey

Where's the Now?

What action can we take right now? What mindfulness can we bring to our body in this moment?

What if this present moment is all there is, and whoever we want to be, whatever impact we want to make, whatever legacy we want to leave, is formed by this moment?

Because it is, you know.

You're not behind — and it wouldn't matter if you were. You're not ahead — and it wouldn't matter if you were.

You're not catching up and you're not losing ground. You are Now.

You are the breath you're taking. You are the thought you're forming.

You are the space in between your heartbeats.

You are your Now.

What will you do with it?

Image Credit: Tom Magliery | CC License