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I don't worry about the people who ask a lot of questions. Or about the ones who say, “I'm still learning.”

Questions are the proof of life in your business. They indicate that you're growing, adapting, listening, having new awakenings.

Questions are energy.

Questions are doorways to dynamic + vibrant.

Still Learning is perpetual. Still Learning means you're still engaged, curious, interested, and open. You don't ever have to apologize for Still Learning. That's the perfect place to be.

The people I worry about are the ones who become afraid of questions, who actively distance themselves from Still Learning. The ones who take as a personal affront the possibility of Not Knowing. Those are the ones whose wells risk running dry.

Questions and Still Learning have always been the vehicles for what's new, what's next, and what was once thought impossible.

Not one single advance in science, humanities or spirit was ever made by someone kicking their feet up and saying, “Finally! I know it all. I have nothing but answers.”

Mastery isn't knowing all the answers. Mastery is finding balance between confidently moving forward with what you know and embracing all of the Not Knowing. Mastery is sharing your gifts and your questions.

Mastery cultivates both Knowing and Still Learning.

Questions make space for exploration. For play. For discovery.

Questions are your brain's permission slips to see what might be possible.

Questions are often your creative muse passing you notes you'd otherwise overlook.

Still Learning builds bridges between what works today and what will work tomorrow.

Still Learning plays leapfrog with the resources you've got so it can reach the ones you haven't found yet.

Still Learning leaves the light on for the muse to find her way back to you.

No, I don't worry about the questioners, the curious, the learners.

We the perpetual wonderers, the fascinated explorers, the students of Still Learning…

We're the ones making the New. Creating the Next. Bringing forth what we didn't even know was possible.

Curiosity births brilliance.

One question at a time.