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How to edit & remove products in your Amazon aStore

by Marissa Bracke in Build & Grow Your Business

Ask Marissa: Q&A with the Can-Do-Ologist

QA client recently asked me, “How do I remove or edit products in my Amazon affiliate store (aStore)?” And I realized that a quick post on the topic might be helpful, because editing and removing products in your Amazon aStore is really easy once you know where to look. But figuring out where to look is a little tricky, as Amazon’s done a fine job making it quite unintuitive.

AHow to edit and/or remove products from your Amazon aStore

1. Log in to your Amazon affiliate account at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

2. Make sure you choose the correct tracking ID, if you have more than one, in the “Signed in as” dropdown menu, which is in the lefthand column after login.

3. Click on the aStore tab.

4. You’ll be on the Manage your aStores page. Click the Edit button beside the name of the store.

5. In the “Drag and Drop” window that shows up, click on the name of the category where your product (the one you want to edit or remove) is located.

6. You’ll see a grey box that says “Edit Category Page,” and in that box, there’s a yellow button that says “Add Products.” Click that.

7. As the button suggested, this is the page where you can add new products to the store. But (surprise!) this is also where you can remove and edit previously added products. There’s a grey box titled “Added Products,” with thumbnail images of your store’s products. Click on the image of the product you want to remove.

8. A popup window titled “Edit Product Settings” appears. In the lower right is a button that says “Remove.” Click that. Voila — your product will be removed from your store.

9. Note: In that same popup window is where you can add or edit the product description, if you want to do that. You just add or edit the description and then click the “Save button” in the lower left of the “Edit Product Settings” popup window.

10. Note #2: After you make those changes, they will be reflected in your store widget without you having to do anything additional.

If you don’t yet have an Amazon aStore

If you haven’t set up an Amazon affiliate store, here’s a video that will walk you through the creating the store, adding products, and setting up a store page on your WordPress website.

As is the case with many techy things, the first time you do this it might take a bit of trial & error to get the hang of it and to get it looking the way you like, but each time after that will be a little faster and easier.

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Carole - Rejuvenation Lounge

Thank you so much for this. I looked and looked for a way to remove books from my astore.

Peace, love and chocolate


Goddess Leonie



I’ve been wondering how to set up an Amazon aStore. Thank you for this!


My store defaults to memory cards… it doesn’t make sense. My store is supposed to be for Musical Instruments… Even if I remove the subcategory of “Memory Cards” I still get them. Here is example - http://www.audioneeds.com/forums/content.php?55-store


Hi Jack -

I think that when it displays the top level category (“Musical Instruments”) it includes all of the sub-level categories, including those you’ve opted to not list in the sidebar. And I think that it tries to show the most popular items in that category… so it looks like memory cards are it for musical instruments. 

What you might try is displaying only some of the sub-categories that are most pertinent to your audience, rather than displaying the top-level Musical Instruments category, to try to avoid that.


thank you for writing this post. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to discover this otherwise.

Paul Barthmaier

Thanks for the post. Very helpful. Do you know if there is a way to remove/exclude products that are added automatically by Amazon?


If you want specific products, you can add individual products, one at a time… but if you’re adding categories of products, I think you’re stuck with whatever Amazon deems as being in that category. I don’t think you can alter what Amazon puts in categories. You could try adding just a sub-category, which could exclude some products, but you still wouldn’t be able to include/exclude on an individual product level without just hand-picking individual products.

Edmonton English School

Thanks so much – very useful info on how to edit a product description!


Thank you very much!


Thank you!  This really helped!  


Thank you! This was very helpful.


Thank you for this post! This is top notch! It was so easy to build a Astore with your instructions. 

Val Lennie

Marissa thank you.  I will try your system.  Amazon has me completely confused. My niche is Instrumental Music. I want a composite aStore on my Home page.  In my course I was  told to create aStores on my four Site pages, which I have done.    KEYBOARDS,WINDS,STRINGS,PERCUSSION.   K W and S  presently have aStores displaying on their page successfully, PERCUSSION has the Widget, showing empty, yet I have used the same procedure to add the products.   When the Percussion aStore is completed I want to add the four separate aStores to my Home Page aStore so it will be a composite, one stop store.    I can’t find the procedure to do this.

Can you help me with this task please?  Val.


Thank you, it helped me a lot.

Charlie Bray

Thank you so much. So simple, yet so hidden – until you came along.

Andrew McCabe

Thanks for sharing! I was completely stuck. You’re right, they make it quite UN-intuitive.

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