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Buying an information product is not the same as implementing.

Owning information products does not take the place of implementing their instructions.

There is the Knowledge, and there is the Doing. Success requires both.

It is possible to get the knowledge through the doing. You could take action and figure things out through trial and error. Granted, it might be a longer and more expensive road to take than if you had the guidance of a skilled advisor (in person or in an info product), but it's possible.

It doesn't work the other way, though. No matter how much knowledge you get, you don't ever inadvertently wind up with action.

Action has to be purposeful. You have to implement.

Whatever book you read, coach you hire, seminar you attend, or product you purchase, if you walk away from it thinking, “That was fantastic!”, that's all fine and good.

But until you walk away from it thinking, “That was fantastic!” and then go put what you know into action, you're treading water.

Learn, then implement, implement, implement.

The Knowing is your shortcut to success, but the Doing is what makes the success happen.