I’m Marissa Bracke, a Business Architect who helps independent B2B consultants escape burnout and creative depletion by creating highly adaptable, long-term solutions for their services, strategies, and systems.

Unlike other consultants, I have a special knack for developing both the Eagle View and Mouse View of your business with you, giving you insight and solutions for the big picture challenges alongside the day-to-day struggles.

Facts About Me

  • I love traveling and have been as far as Australia (twice). I’m especially partial to mountains, waterfalls, and the American Southwest. Australia picture on the left from a 2013 trip.
  • My “vice presidents” are my dogs, George, Pete, and Arthur.
  • In the years between SNL famous and Late Night television famous, I had (a very brief) coffee with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Thanks to a book I read every time I went to my grandparents’ house as a child, I have a strong affinity for gnomes, and have many scattered throughout my home and office.
  • While I’m a voracious reader, I cannot get into fiction. I’m easily fascinated by myriad topics, but fiction just… doesn’t grab me.
  • After becoming lactose intolerant a few years ago, I discovered not only do I not miss cheese, I love pizza without cheese far more than I ever did with it. (And former me would have declared that blasphemy.)

3 Foundational Principles of My Work

Principle 1: Everything with purpose.

Actions have purpose, goals have a reason. There is no such thing as “growth for growth’s sake,” or launching something simply to fill a gap in the calendar.

Action without purpose creates instability, uncertainty, and fuzzy priorities. Acting with purpose, on the other hand, results in stable foundations under your business, clear prioritization of goals and projects, and confidence — for you and your team — in your actions.

Principle 2: Operate with integrity.

When you operate with integrity, your business activities (internal and external) align with its mission statements, service claims, culture ethos, and promises made.

When internal or external integrity slips out of alignment, you’ll see a rise in customer service issues, team disharmony, and even a sense of personal dissatisfaction with your business. When integrity is in alignment, customers and clients are happier, team members feel more committed and in sync, and you feel more in tune with the business you’re leading.

Principle 3: Simplify and streamline.

Complications (not to be confused with challenges) are symptoms. They show up when management is on the fritz, systems are outdated or unused, leadership is anemic, team members feel confused or uncommitted, or you’re operating with a series of guessworked and jury-rigged band-aid fixes rather than a clear set of processes and priorities.

Simplifying and streamlining means getting clear about where you’re heading, getting real about what works (and what doesn’t) to get there, and being effective with your resources so you make progress instead of just making a flurry of activity.

I bring a unique perspective as your consultant because…

You get the benefit of lots (and lots) of experience.

Now in my 8th year of working in the operations of small businesses across the globe, I deliver pragmatic solutions and results-oriented plans based on having encountered, handled, experimented with, and resolved these types of issues in other businesses.

Unlike other consultants out there, the solutions I offer aren’t theory. They’re not just stuff I’ve read about, or heard about, or saw in a great conference presentation (though goodness knows I’ve got plenty of that too). When you work with me, you’re getting the benefit of nearly a decade of real-world “been there, done that” experience.

I see how all the pieces fit together.

Operational expertise requires more than making goals, listing action plans, or having a knack for creating “how to” manuals. Unlike others in the field, I bring my clients in-depth knowledge of marketing, technology, customer service, and team collaboration: the operational expertise “sweet spot.”

When I advise a client on a marketing strategy, we can discuss how that will affect his technology needs; when I work with a client on team reorganization, we also work on how that will affect the customer service systems and even the upcoming marketing plans; and so on.

It all fits together, and it’s vital that your ops expert’s knowledge does too!

You get “Pragmatism Over Platitudes.”

When you work with a trusted advisor, you deserve better than the bumper stickers and pithy quips that make up a lot of what passes for “expert” advice online.

My focus is on providing you with thoughtful advice, well-reasoned feedback, and results-oriented suggestions — even if it’s not as easily made into quote memes. 😉

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