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Digital Business Strategy + Implementation for business owners who prefer pragmatism over platitudes.

I help purpose-driven solo and micro entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable digital businesses that support their vision and their bottom line.

Hi, I’m Marissa, and I specialize in solving business puzzles, bringing simplicity and clarity to challenging endeavors, and crafting customized strategies that support and sustain bold visions.

With a uniquely broad perspective bridging expertise in marketing, strategy, and tech,

I advise with practical specifics while maintaining a view of how those specifics affect the whole.

And by seamlessly merging implementation services with consultancy services,

I’m able to both advise and implement alongside my clients, offering a more robust all-in-one collaboration to the solo and micro entrepreneurs who previously had only the option of seeking out multiple service providers.

Certified Digital Marketing ProfessionalI’m also a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, carrying certifications across eight core disciplines: customer value optimization, customer acquisition, content marketing, email marketing, social media, search marketing, data and analytics, and optimization and testing.

(In other words, I study my field vigorously, expand my expertise ambitiously and consistently, and am endlessly fascinated by the world of digital business. You want to talk shop? Count me in.)

Whether you’re looking for a trusted advisor on digital marketing strategy, are ready to audit and refresh your website and branding, need to map out (and set up) email campaigns, or just know you’re hitting a ceiling and want help breaking through it, I can help.

Learn more about working with me: Strategy & Implementation collaboration.

Get practical answers to digital business questions for people who believe in good business and good karma.

Delivered Weekly. No platitudes. No hype. No icks.

But probably pictures of my canine Vice Presidents. Very, very probably.

These are my Vice Presidents, Pete and Arthur.

In case you doubted me.


V.P. Pete


V.P. Arthur

A few of the smart & creative folks I’ve worked with:

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The Unmistakable Creative Podcast
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The Unmistakable Creative Podcast
Vertical Response
Productive Flourishing
Breaking The 9to5 Jail

The Myth of Doing What’s Easy and Fun, and Delegating the Rest

What’s so wrong with believing that we should all do only the things we find easy and fun in business, and delegate the rest to someone else? Here’s why that won’t create a giant happy circle of people doing things they all find easy and fun, and what’s healthier for your business.